Free download Dog Solitaire Card Game

Dog Solitaire Card Game

Dog solitaire is one of many free solitaire card games with solitaire dog theme
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Dog Solitaire Card Games
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3 October 2008

Editor's review

Mahjong game is a real gem of a game that reflects a simple yet amusing plot to keep you engage for considerable amount of time. Now here comes Mahjong again to wish you on the auspicious day of Easter and proffer a terrific moment, and this version of Mahjong is known as Easter Mahjong. This Easter themed Mahjong game has in it all that you in the celebration mode. This game, you can either directly play from the internet by logging into the mahjongeaster dot com website or download it and play it in your PC. The graphics is really modern plus contemporary art and lovely design of tablets the Easter Mahjong constitutes is enthralling to say the least. Furthermore the background of the game is also is designed with fantastic diagram.

This Easter themed Mahjong game comprises layouts that include Egg, Carrot, and Classic, Easter basket, bunny and cross. You can enjoy these layouts with utmost enjoyment and get glued play the game for hours. The game is simple and all you have to do is match the plates or tablets. As you keep on matching the plates they will get disappeared and one by one. Once every tablet gets disappeared you will win the game. A soothing music keeps on ringing in the background and with few sounds that occur with every action you take. Both the music and sounds of the game can be turned off or on as per your choice. There exists a hint button that will show you the hint if you find yourself in a glitch. The time keeps on running which you can see on the interface on the bottom right.

So this Easter you can make it memorable in case you are alone, with this lovely game of Easter Mahjong. We give the game 3 star for an amazing game play, lovely display and sweet layouts.

Publisher's description

Dog solitaire is one of many free solitaire card games with solitaire dog theme. It is the card game klondike, much like the PC vesion of solitaire, but with 4 legs and extra bite. Klondike solitaire, dog version, is one of many solitaire card games available at Check out our other dog-themed solitaire card games, including klondike, spider solitaire, freecell and 3-pass solitaire
Dog Solitaire Card Game
Dog Solitaire Card Game
Version 1.0
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Rob Mell
Please allow me to download this dog solitaire in my pc for free..
Brianna Martin
This is the coolest game ever and what a clever title for your game.

You Rock my sox off.

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